Individual or group training? Do not worry. We will prepare the type of specific training that your objectives require. At Global Performance we have developed a highly effective work system able to identify the athlete's peak without the risk of overtraining.

A first evaluation will tell us what is the exact status of the athlete to be able to schedule the work in a tailored way.

What training do you need?

We will define the type of training you need according to your objectives.


Train the most professional way

Whether or not an elite athlete, we will offer out a professionalized training.


Constant tracking

Constant control and measurement, key to achieve your set goals.




The training plan we will prepare for you will always be personalized. If you require a 100% tailored plan, it will be. Regardless of the type of exercise you are doing, you will always have a Global Performance professional by your side. In addition, we understand that it is an obligation on our part to be constantly innovating and proposing different types of exercises, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in technology and sports performance.



We understand that there are certain types of training that are best done alongside other athletes. We believe that you can work hard and enjoy at the same time. It should be compatible with trying to get the best version of yourself or trying to overcome an injury. You can enjoy each exercise, each training session and also the atmosphere that comes with them.



The success of Global Performance lies not only in having the latest technologies applied to sport, but also in the correct application of these, plus the efficient approach and work carried out by all the members of our team. Control from Day 1 the correct application of workloads to help you reach the best version of yourself. We are convinced that you haven't reached it yet. Go up to the next level.



We know that there are certain athletes who due to their professional reality are unable to travel to our center in Barcelona. That's the reason why we have created the Elite Service with which we move to the athlete's home anywhere in the world. We are able to set up our own gym and a Global Performance professional will work with the athlete daily without altering his/her routine. Click here to learn more about our exclusive Elite Service.

· Piece within the newspaper Mundo Deportivo about the relationship between Adama Traoré (Middlesbrough footballer) and Global Performance: Read more here.

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