Technology at the service of Sport

The multidisciplinary team of professionals at Global Performance work hand in hand with cutting-edge technology applied to sports training. The objective is to be able to provide differential value to athletes, physical trainers and coaches.

Several studies show that a key factor to be better than your opponents is to avoid injuries. An injury causes the athlete to interrupt his/her daily training, while rivals continue training. During that time they are taking a vital advantage that can make a difference at the competition.

That's why we control all the variables in a rigorous way through periodic evaluation. These offer us vital data when it comes to knowing the status of the athlete at all times and, therefore, in many cases we can prevent injuries and avoid them.

SPORTS TECHNOLOGYEquipment for daily training

  • Results table:

    Our methodology is based on science obtained through the use of technologies such as Smartcoach Lite or the Musclelab that offer us objective information at all times on the athlete's condition. We use this valuable insights to be able to work with high levels of optimization and effectiveness, which allows us to achieve results that are difficult to match with traditional training.

  • Improve your lower body:

    The Yoyo Squat machine is specially designed to improve the power of the athlete's lower body, but you can also work other upper body muscles such as trapezius, shoulders and biceps. Between use it emphasizes the unilateral squat that benefits sportsmen that must realize lateral power actions as seen in football, tennis, hockey, basketball, rugby, among others.


  • Inertial machine:

    Through inertial technology, the conical pulley allows us to perform unlimited resistance training, in any direction and engaging pretty much all muscle groups.

  • Training on Vibrating Platform:

    Accelerates metabolism through vibration training technology. Using the principles of Acceleration Training to stimulate the body's natural response to vibration.

  • Fitlight | Visual training system:

    The Fitlight Trainer is a unique wireless reaction training system composed of 8 LED RGB powered lights controlled by a tablet. The lights are used as targets for the athlete to disable them. Capture attributes of human performance such as reaction time, speed, agility and coordination.


  • Byomedic Belt:

    Training tool specially designed to exercise and tone the lower extremities (femoral biceps, quadriceps and hamstrings). The athletes of the former Soviet Union started using it and, currently, their great benefits are valued thanks to professionals of Physical Preparation, Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy.