Get the most out of the athletes in your Club

Do you want to get the most out of the players on your team? Do you want to make sure they can handle the rhythm of the season without having injuries that undermine their performance and their team's? Our training plan guarantees results with 95% effectiveness. It has been applied in different sports with a highly effective success rate.

We have developed a monitored and controlled training system to be able to demand the maximum from the athlete without any risk of overtraining. An initial assessment will tell us what is the exact status of the athlete to then be able to schedule the work individually.

At Global Performance we have worked and currently work in and for Clubs of all types of sport disciplines: Soccer, Handball, Hockey, Basket, Rugby ...

And in Clubs from different countries around the world:


External advisors

Whatever the sport, we can help your team. We offer external advisory and consultancy services to improve the training and performance of the members of your Club. Call us

In house work

Do you want us to be an integral part of your team? We can be present in the day to day running of your Club, integrating Global Performance professionals within your club's team of physical trainers.

Individual and group plan

We will come up with an individual or group work plan for each of your players with the objective of increasing their performance to the maximum. We will also run daily checks of physical condition.