But, by doing this, will I be a professional athlete?

This is one of the questions that most new athletes who start with Global Performance ask, and the answer tends to be always the same:

By doing this we cannot guarantee you that you are going to be a professional, what we can assure you is that if you do not do it, you will not be sure of it!

Professional sport has changed a lot and keeps changing every day. Years ago having an objective and knowing how to play well with the skills, it was enough to be a professional, we all know stories of professional players smoking or drinking in the middle of their games.

Currently that has severely changed, we have all played weekend games where in the opposite team there is a spectacular player with the ball on his feet, but his capacity for sacrifice lasts the first 20 minutes. And that's the reason why he is playing against you.

Athletes are currently professional sportsmen and sportswomen, who live by and for the sport they practice, since they know that as soon as their performance goes down there is a teammate waiting to replace them. The games do not last 20 minutes, so you have to be prepared to perform for the entire match.

That is why working with the team is necessary and required, but it is increasingly important that each player looks for his own individual work to improve and that allows him to be in the elite for a long time. On the contrary, either an injury or the physical superiority of teammates and rivals, this athlete will end up by sitting on the bench.

Are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams and invest hours and very hard work?

If so, you are one step closer to reaching your goals. Keep working though, as you'll probably playing against me over the weekend!

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By globalperformance / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Nov 08, 2018